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Pork Shoulder Bundle Gift Pack

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Everything you need to prepare for the perfect pork shoulder meal! This bundle includes the Pork Pullers, Grill Mitts, XL BBQ Prep Tub w/Lid ( in Pit Master Black), and the SuckleBusters® Hog Waller Pork Rub (13.75 oz). 

Bundle Price $94.46 (SAVE 10% off Standard Pricing $104.96)

  • The Drip EZ® BBQ Pork Pullers are the highest-quality meat shredders on the market. They help you get the job done without the mess! 
  • The Drip EZ® BBQ Grill Mitts are the perfect tool to help you safely remove your food from the grill, oven, or stove. No need for cumbersome gloves or hard-to-clean hot pads.
  • Our bestselling XL BBQ Prep Tub features a built-in cutting board, lid for covering, and collapsible sides for easy kitchen storage.
  • The Best Selling SuckleBusters® Texas BBQ Hog Waller Pork Rub (13.75 oz)