Spring 2021 Shipping & Logistics Update

A personal video message regarding the situation from David, our President.

Dear Valued Customer,

April 9th Update: Thank you for your patience! We will begin shipping all Pre-Orders April 12th. Orders will ship in the order they were received and our team will be working overtime to get everything out as soon as possible.

It is a logistical nightmare in international shipping right now. While we pre-planned and lined up our tubs to first be here in mid-late January...once the shipping process started the goal posts kept moving on us. Soon, with no longer any control over our containers, we realized we were heading into a major logistical mess at USA ports. 

We've been in communication with all of our customers as frequently and accurately as possible. Those facilitating the shipping of our product did the same to us. However, since the first of the year we've experienced historic, never seen before delays in shipping...the whole system is overwhelmed.

Thank you for your understanding in all of this. We sincerely appreciate your patience and belief in Drip EZ and our products. Your Prep Tub will be to you very soon...and we trust you'll love using it!



Drip EZ


The Prep Tubs, Prep Tub & Spice Combos and Replacement Lids have been stuck for weeks at port and are just now in queue to hit the rails to our distribution warehouse in Colorado. Extra team members are ready to work earnestly to fulfill each customer's shipment in the order it was received. We will move this process along as fast as we can.

We understand we've strained your patience awaiting your tub, combo, or lid and offer our sincere apologies. Your items are on the way and yet the timing is out of our control until we receive them.

Watch the video for a personal message regarding the situation from David, our President.

If you'd like to cancel your order because of delays, use the button below and we'll issue a refund. We are happy to care for you as a customer and understand your frustration. We've felt it as well.

If you want to keep your order, thank you and there is no need to notify us. We will send it as soon as the tubs arrive in Colorado. Despite the news, we know the Prep Tub will become one of your go-to items for outdoor cooking and it will have been worth the wait all along.

Thank you so much,

Julie, Dave, and David

PS. Special thank you to our customers who work in shipping and logistics who see the situation first-hand and continue to send encouragement. Your hard work is much appreciated!