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SuckleBusters® Dry Rubs & Sauces

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SuckleBusters® Dry Rubs

"Cook any type of BBQ using these award-winning rubs from Texas!"

SuckleBusters® Dry Rub Gift Box-The Best Selling Suckle Busters Texas BBQ Rubs in a 3-Pack Gift Box.  You will receive (3) - 4 oz jars, one each of 1836 for beef, Clucker Dust for chicken, and Hog Waller for pork. 

Hog Waller Pork Rub 13.75 oz Jar-Hog Waller BBQ Pork and Rib Rub is super sweet with a slight kick of heat from chipotle and cayenne peppers. Heat Level: Mild to Medium 

1836 Beef Rub 12 oz Jar- This BBQ Rub is loaded with traditional flavors used on beef. It is a salt, pepper, and garlic blend with loads of half and quarter-cracked black pepper.  Heat Level: Medium (black pepper)

Clucker Dust Chicken Rub 14.25 oz Jar-Clucker Dust BBQ Rub is made for grilling chicken. The rub has a medium kick of heat provided by the chipotle peppers. The peppers also lend a nice smoky flavor and aroma. It is sweet and medium spicy.  Heat Level: Medium (chipotle)

SuckleBusters® Original BBQ Sauce-All-natural, vinegar-based BBQ sauce is Sweet, Tangy & Spicy. It has very slightly smoke flavor plus a little kick of heat and is an excellent all-around BBQ sauce. Great for Grilling! Use it on barbecue beef, briskets, steaks, ribs, chicken, sausage, pork, seafood, turkey, or any grilled food to bust out a good barbecue flavor.

SuckleBusters® Area 51 Bird Brine -This is the perfect turkey brine kit including 2 seasoning packets for making the brine, a heavy-duty resealable brine bag, and instructions. This is a holiday-flavored brine, savory, and the perfect match for turkey. Enough for 1 extra-large turkey or 2 smaller birds.