About Us

Drip EZ® is the leader in creative and practical BBQ & pellet grill accessories. We offer innovative products that are unique and convenient!

Our growing line of products are all created with you in mind.  The Drip EZ family takes your passion for BBQ and outdoor cooking seriously. We also recognize that BBQ is not just about good food.  When people gather around the table to share a meal, community is experienced. Drip EZ exists to foster connection and inspire community that comes from sharing a meal together. We see it as a privilege to have a presence at your table.

Drip EZ® was founded by two old high school friends who share a love of the outdoors and good BBQ. Founder/owner David Barton's passion for people to engage in meaningful community guides his leadership at Drip EZ.  Drip EZ is based in Longmont, Colorado.


Founder, Dave Barton