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Brisket Bundle

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This Brisket Lovers bundle includes the Brisket Carving Knife, BBQ Blanket, Grill Mitts, XL BBQ Prep Tub w/Locking Lid (in Pit Master Black), and the SuckleBusters® 1836 Beef Rub (12 oz).

Bundle Price $199.71 (SAVE 15% off Standard Pricing $234.95)

  • The Drip EZ® Brisket Carving Knife is the ideal tool for trimming and slicing large cuts of meat. The tough Damascus steel blade with vertical air pockets ensures you’ll get the best cut of meat every time. 
  • The Rest EZ® BBQ Blanket is an insulated bag designed for the "Rest Phase" of your cook, allowing for controlled heat loss and moisture retention.
  • The Drip EZ ® BBQ Grill Mitts are the perfect tool to help you safely remove your food from the grill, oven, or stove. No need for cumbersome gloves or hard-to-clean hot pads.
  • Our bestselling XL BBQ Prep Tub - V2 features a built-in cutting board, locking lid for covering, and collapsible sides for easy kitchen storage.
  • The Best Selling SuckleBusters® Texas BBQ Rub 1836 for beef (12oz.).